100t Terex

Terrex Demag 100t

With the success of our 2012 model Grove GMK 4100, 4 axel 100t cranes have proven to be not only versitile but practical for use both around town and around the country. The 4 axel carrier allows this crane to travel on road with less hassels for permiting. with a smaller foot print then other 5 axel 100t cranes these crane have the ability to get into smaller spaces with less manovering on site. they are easy to set up and pack up and clever modern design features make these cranes the most efficient and safest in their class. This crane has 60 metres of power boom and 69 metres with fly and insert. It has he capacity to lift 1.4 tonne at 50 metres of its main boom and 700kg at 60 metres with fly and insert.

Download the full crane specification